Hart County Schools

Green River College & Career Academy

The county has secured a grant to help fund the Green River College and Career Academy to be built on the grounds of the new Hart County High School. The new facility is expected to be opened by the end of 2018 and will feature dual credit classes for students (of both Hart County and Caverna school districts) during the day and adult education classes in the evening. The courses offered will center around Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology and transportation/Logistics.

The Hart County School system is committed to recognizing and developing the academic, social, and personal talents of over 2,400 students. Its mission is for each student to achieve or exceed the district-wide expectations in all areas of the curriculum while developing self-sufficient behaviors and interpersonal skills. Local students benefit from the talents of devoted classroom teachers, skilled administrators, updated technology and facilities, and a dedicated board of education.

The Hart County School district consists of five elementary schools - serving grades Preschool - 8 and one high school serving grades 9 - 12. Extensive renovations have been made in recent years to the elementary schools in Cub Run, Bonnieville, LeGrande, and Memorial, and a new elementary school was completed for Munfordville in 2007.  A new high school is currently being constructed and the facility should open by the end of 2018.

Focus on Student Achievement
Identified by the Kentucky School Board Association for being among the top 20% of districts across the state as measured by CATS improvement, Hart County students and staff demonstrate a consistent dedication to student achievement. In fact, Hart County Schools' assessment results marked the second-highest performance gain in the state in 2005.

Gifted & Talented Student Services
In addition to state funding, the board of education has made a major and ongoing commitment to fund three full-time positions to support gifted and talented instruction.

Individualized Instruction
The district also provides access to two research-based assessments periodically throughout the year so that teachers can pinpoint both the strengths and challenges of the students they teach. In addition to enabling teachers to teach to the needs of students, these assessmentss also provide resource materials to specifically address learning needs.

Learning Intervention Programs
All five elementary schools have a Reading Recovery Program. The program's main goal is to provide one-on-one intervention to struggling first grade students so that upon exiting the program, they read at least on the average level of their same-age peers. Reading Recovery is an essential component of the district's mission that all students read on grade level as they exit the primary program.

State of the Art Library Media Centers
All K-8 libraries offer laptops for student/parent checkout, updated collections, a library clerk to assist students, parents and teachers, and extended libary hours. Moreover, all libraries offer, or will soon offer, wireless internet access.

Technology for Learning
The Hart County Board of Education launched an unprecedented technology initiative in the summer of 2005. Every regular classroom, library media center, and several other instructional areas now have a dedicated multi-media learning system, including a Promethean ACTIVBoard, Classroom Performance Learning System, interactive slate, Dukane document camera, DVD/VCR unit, and integrated sound and projection.

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Caverna High School is also located within the geographic borders of Hart County. It is one of three schools composing the Caverna Independent School District. The elementary school is organized using a primary through fifth grade configuration and is home to just over 400 students. The preschool operates in two portable units on the elementary school campus, and serves approximately 60 students. 

Caverna Middle and High School share the same building with the Middle School located on the first floor serving grades 6 to 8. The High School is on the second floor and serves grades 9 to 12. The instructional program at Caverna High School reaches the college bound student, vocational school student, and prepares students to enter directly into the workplace. Caverna Independent School District also believes in educating the whole child; therefore, an extensive variety of extracurrricular activities of sports and student organizations support the total educational program. Visit their website below to learn more.

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